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South Grand Lake Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

South Grand Lake Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Why Laugh by Reverend Gina Jackson

One Monday morning, after a series of sad circumstances, Chuck and I found ourselves longing for the return of our abnormally normal lifestyle. So, we began our day with my husband making coffee. Quoting He-brews, he says it scriptural for him to prepare our morning cup of java. With caffeine and devotional book in hand, we found our way to the familiar feel of the chairs on our deck. For the first time in a long time, in the quiet of our space, I noticed a leaf being blown by the gentle morning breeze. I took a moment and allowed the divine draft to soothe my soul. Even though I could not see the wind I was keenly aware of its movement and how it affected my life. I began reading from the pages that would inspire our morning meditation. It was difficult to concentrate as two construction trucks rumbled down the gravel road adjacent to our property. Some big ‘ole burly boys barreled out of their trucks and began unloading their supplies. Our quiet quarter was invaded by the din of our noisy neighbors. The nerve of these guys! There was clanging and banging as metal hit concrete and power cords connected with electricity. And then, above all that commotion, were belly laughs! The guys were having a ball. Who knows what brought on the hilarity? All I know is that in the morning moments of their Monday, they laughed - out loud - real loud. Their levity made me smile. It inspired me to engage in the endeavor of listening for laughter. Who laughs and why? What makes us laugh and how? When do we laugh and where? What are all the elements of the language of laughter? And what in God’s great world does laughter have to do with our wellbeing and spiritual journey? Laughter can soothe tension, improve our mood and immune system, relieve pain, release healthy endorphins, and increase blood flow. Not to mention that laughter can serve as a buffer when we are dealing with difficult dynamics in relationships. I am grateful for the gift of healthy laughter. I’m going to listen for and to it more intentionally as I pay close attention to the world around me and the world within me.

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I love this! I too need to tune out the noisy world and intentionally listen for laughter. If I hear none, I can make some🤣

Replying to

Ha ha, I made myself laugh cause I typed my email wrong😀

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