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South Grand Lake Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

South Grand Lake Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Music Team

(left) Vickey Rose: Soloist, piano, bass guitar

(right) Fran Rahn: Music Coordinator, soloist, guitar


Ron MIddleton, Carla Davis, Shari Baird, John Baird,  

Beverly Wall, Jennifer Hinson, Jim Sellers, Jim Owens

Rev. Dr. Chuck Jackson

Associate Pastor

When I moved into a family fishing cabin on Lake Hudson I didn’t think I’d be there very long: I just needed to save a few dollars while I was financing college for my family and grad school for myself. It was always my plan to move back to Tulsa when all the diplomas were safely hung on the wall. That was over 25 years ago! No longer can I imagine living anywhere but on the water: boating, fishing and sharing the lake-life with my wife, Gina, and our 15 grandchildren bring me great joy!

I’m a second-career pastor, first serving over 30 years as an educator, counselor and public speaker. Growing up in the home of an international drilling executive, I was exposed to a variety of cultures, races and religions. For two years, our family lived in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where I spent two summers in the rainforest with Christian missionaries. This upbringing gave me an appreciation for the diversity of the human family that, later in life, motivated me as I promoted voluntary integration throughout the Tulsa school district while working as an educator in Tulsa’s fine magnet school program.

Reflecting my love of the water, I was ordained in 2016 on the shores of Grand Lake at the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center. For me, serving the church as Associate Pastor is challenging and fulfilling, and I cherish my relationships with the many committed, energetic and compassionate members of our family of faith as we explore together new ways of sharing the “Good News” through my work in Christian Education, creative worship, drama and graphic design.

Fun facts:

- Weaned in worship when I hurled my LAST baby bottle in the aisle, shattering  both the silence and - the glass vessel

- Appointed by the governor to serve as a page in the Oklahoma State Senate in ninth grade

- Worked in the oil fields of Alaska 2 summers during the opening of the North Slope

- Served as elementary classroom teacher, school counselor and principal

- Made presentations in 46 states and 2 Canadian provinces

Rev. Gina Jackson

Senior Pastor

I’m Gina Jackson, Senior Pastor for South Grand Lake Christian Church (DOC). I answered a call to theological study and ordained ministry in mid-life and earned a Master of Divinity Degree from Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa. In May of 2007, the Christian Church (DOC) Oklahoma, along with the First Christian Church (DOC) of Sand Springs, ordained me to Christian ministry as the Reverend Gina Lee Jackson.

In April 2009, I became Senior Pastor for SGLCC (DOC). Here, I encourage folks as they perceive the Provider’s palpable presence in all people and places. I emphasize being “in ministry with” these disciples of Jesus. This family of faith has many gifts to share with the world and my role is to serve as a partner in that effort.

I’m married to my best friend and SGLCC (DOC)’s Associate Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Chuck Jackson. In a variety of settings, we minister in tandem, bringing our authentic selves to the work of being church. For example, Chuck and I recently concluded an eight-year term serving as Directors of Seminary Worship at Phillips Seminary.

We have five children between us and love them and their families deeply. We adore our fifteen grandchildren and attending their activities keeps us happily busy.  I also enjoy photography, with a particular focus on family, friends, and nature.  And whenever I get the chance, my most meaningful mode of finding respite is being barefoot on a beautiful beach, soulfully searching for seashells.

Fun facts:

- Grew up on a farm in Missouri

- Rode a motorcycle to Pryor Junior High School

- Learned to drive on a stick-shift Mustang

- Drove a three-wheeled ice cream cart for my first summer job

- My name is pronounced (Jenna). I am named after my mother, Virginia Sue.


Who We Are

We are called to be

"A friendly, loving, church whose mission is to be a Christian Fellowship, ministering in the name and spirit of Jesus, to all ages and all people, building faith and giving hope."


David Momper, Bob Shell, J B Miller, Lynn Kennedy,

Teena Momper, Vickie Mudd, Dianne Farmer,

Diana Williams, Mary Shell, Diana Sellers, 

Barbara Hamiltion, Louise Compston, Ellen Wolfe

Tech Team

Jim Owens: Video, audio, livestream

Rev. Dr. Chuck Jackson: Audo/visual preparation

Jim Sellers: Assisting presentation and livestream

Dave Momper: Assisting presentaton and livestream

Executive Committee


Bob Shell, Ron Hardin, Dave Momper, Jim Sellers, Jim Owens


Mary Shell, Marcy Munkirs, Teena Momper, Carla Davis, Jo Smith

Administrative Assistant

Diana Sellers

The Founders breaking ground

Our History

We are a relatively young church that started when a group of friends who enjoyed fellowship together established the South Grand Lake Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) on September 13, 1998.  The first worship services were held in the Turner Funeral Chapel located in Langley, Oklahoma.  The church was soon incorporated with 106 charter members.

The chapel served the membership well in those first years; then a decision was made to purchase land and build a church.  Joe Wilkinson, architect and member, designed the building which was completed in June, 2001. 

In December 2003, the members voted to begin construction of a new community hall, which doubled the size of the church facility, and also provided room for fellowship dinners and other social activities.  It was dedicated on September 12, 2004 and a public open house followed on October 3, 2004.

The first building included the vestibule, sanctuary, office, kitchen, nursery and classrooms.  With the addition, the kitchen was moved to the new hall and enlarged.  In its place, a parlor was added, a gift from the Sisk Foundation.  The hall has a classroom, stage, musical instruments, a sound system and a separate entrance with additional parking.  The new kitchen is used three times a week by the ecumenical Meals on Wheels organization.

Our Congregation

Our denomination is founded on the principal of Christian unity.  

We emphasize what we share in common with other Christians rather than those issues that tend to divide us.  

We celebrate open communion on a weekly basis and although we practice  the baptism of mature believers by immersion, we accept all forms of baptism practiced by other Christian communities.  

We encourage our members to spend regular time in prayer, reading scripture and searching for the guidance the Bible has to offer for the everyday challenges of life. 

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